The good news is that in this mode the Gmini can, like the other PMPs featured here, also be used with Macs and Linux systems. The model also supports Windows Media PlaysForSure standards, so purchased music can be synchronized with the player. Sadly, in this mode you can’t copy content back to your computer, and files deemed incompatible by Windows a reconverted. The new model has the AV’s reassuring solidity and the same superb 4in 48 x The player supports all the standard formats, and also contains a photo viewer – images and videos can be viewed on the 4″ colour screen within the unit. There is a slot in the top of the device that accepts CompactFlash cards. Both constant bit rate.

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Playback autonomy on the device is stated at 4 hours, when viewing videos, and up to 10 hours when listening to music.

The XS group of players features a 1. The camera is 1.

The Gmini XS is a fairly popular model supplied from Archos. In addition to these other features, the Archos Gmini contained a CompactFlash reader enabling the user to slot in a memory cardincreasing the unit’s capacity, play files stored within the card, and transfer files from the card to the unit.

If you’re among the admittedly select few mourning the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Make a mini boombox by Donald Bell. Archos Gmini – digital AV player. Archived from the original on Digital audio players Portable media players.


Files can then be copied directly to the relevant folders. Model Archos Gmini – digital AV player Our Verdict A solidly-built and strong performer. Sound wise, the Gmini pulls its weight with a punchy and fullbodied performance that’s only outshone and even then only s lightly by mPack’s P Gmiini was not possible to transfer files from the Gmini to the CompactFlash card, presumably to discourage sharing of media files amongst Gmini users.

To this end, there are two USB file-transfer modes. Thankfully the second ‘hard drive’ mode gminii around this, although playback of protected files is denied. This feature, called ARCLibrarywas intended to provide non-tech savvy users of the device a simple means of organizing audio collection.

Archos Gmini series

The device does not support image viewing, however. The devices are 3 GB or 4 GB. Even though the speaker may not be the best quality, there is also functionality to be able to connect the device up to an existing external Hi-Fi system and listen outward that way. As with gmnii Gminithe unit also displays images with its built-in image viewer. There is also an optional FM Radio attachment available for this player so users can play and record directly from Qrchos radio.


Just after the release of the AV, the Archos Gmini was born.

Leather Case for Archos AV (AV GB) AV AV Gmini – Archos Accessories

Display Display Form Factor. The Gmini is a series of portable audio and video players released by Archos in and The model also supports Windows Media PlaysForSure standards, so purchased music can be synchronized with the player.

The device was ID3 Tag compatible, and organized users music collection by reading this meta-data.

This not only degrades quality, but wastes time. The player includes a built-in game engineMophun, for 3D style games.

This allows digital camera images or any files to be uploaded to the device, thus reducing the requirement of carrying round many memory cards. Archos Gmini – digital AV player Both constant bit rate. There is a slot in the top of the device that accepts CompactFlash cards. This model also uses the ARCLibrary to organize music and media on the device. Although reliant on USB, there is some onboard recording functionality – you can capture audio archod the hard drive, from an in-built microphone or an external analogue stereo source.