I bought myself a second hand 11 degree ft-5 with draw bias and today drove one yards I kid you not. I hope I made the right decision. I recently received an FT-i driver as a gift. A solid driver which produces a strong, long, high ball flight. This club is very good and I was hitting straight and long, recommended. Very easy to shape your shots with this driver.

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The only thing that could be tweaked is the sound, too much like an aluminum baseball bat, but hey I can live with it based on the performance. Other models may have higher MOI, nneutral this one just works so well! Very forgiving along with distance comparitive to much higher priced and well advertised clubs.

I know that there is a new shaft but is there a new clubhead as well? In wet conditions, or really humid conditions, the stock grip is no good.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

But while off- center hits fy5 generally in a good direction, they lose a fair bit of distance. I guess that this is not a new club but an older model? However, the FT-i has a slightly longer shaft, which is not a good thing to have when one struggles with control.

So within the Fusion family, you have red, orange, yellow, and grey on different products. I got the high brow Fujukura Speeder shaft. This leads to a bit more roll and overall distance.


Today, you can buy them just about anywhere for bucks. I have tried other drivers since then, but kept this one.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Neutral Driver

By the 11th hole three of our foursome were hitting it. I feel confident with it most of the time.

Wonderful – received the club on Thursday and won the medal on Tuesday!!! Another thing I found is that since the ft5 is lower rt5 tendency to tee it up to high is gone so less sky hits. The FT-5 went longer, but I could really spray them wildly offline with a poor swing. Changed it to the FT-5 and aint looked back. The FT-5 headcover left has a long sock attachment, while the FT-i headcover right is shorter and has a magnetic closure.

Anything that helps make the game more enjoyable for the average higher handicap player has to be a good thing. When you hit this club on the screws, it goes…and goes straight.

Contributing to the Fusion confusion is the fact that the Fusion irons have gold as an accent color they follow the lead of the original Fusion driver and the Fusion Wide Sole irons introduced last year have grey as their accent color. Buy it thank me later. The FT-5 is feeding me some crow…but it tastes good!!! There was no significalnt increase in distance, and I quickly had buyers remorse for rt5 that much money on a driver that will do little to improve my game.


From the very 1st shot I hit with it, filled me with confidence. Any feedback you can provide in regards to these two drivers would be great…. I never liked Callaway products until I tried this driver. I agree with the review above with a few exceptions.

Probably just the improved confidence I guess. In other words, it should be forgiving not just on balls hit left or right of center, but calkaway high and low on the face, so you get good results no matter where you make contact with the ball.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

Even a hacker like me can crack the ball down the fairway with a draw. A Larger, high velocity face enable you to choose a powerful combination of accuracy and distance to get the best out of your game.

I love the clubhead but hate the stock shaft. The clalaway area is also larger, which contributes to the more substantial appearance.