These techniques ensure that the local employment rates are supported. If you or anyone you know is in need of a full service transportation company, do not hesitate to contact Curtin Livery today for more information on their services and vehicles. Was this review helpful? Of course, the company has had its fair share of troubles including competition. Having been in the private transportation industry for more than twenty-five years, the Curtin Transportation Group have established themselves as leaders in the Connecticut area for full service transportation needs. For the last two decades, Curtin Livery has been slowly building their reputation as the safest, most reliable, and most courteous private transportation company in the area. Very fast paced environment in the dispatch offices which can be stressful at times, but 9 times out of 10 everyone pulls together as a team, that’s one of the things I like best about Curtin.

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The company makes sure that the customers of Connecticut get to enjoy specialized services. Within cities, traffic congestion and late transportation leaves riders with limited options for their daily commutes.

That livrey why there has been a growing trend in the United States in hiring private vehicle and transportation services, such as Curtin Livery Transportation.

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Kem Bruno and Curtin Livery also feels that the need for medical transportation is something that all children should be able to take advantage of as well. Many regions are left without adequate bus and even cab services, leaving individuals stranded in many cases. It takes curfin special kind of transportation company to balance these student services against the rest of their business as well. After all, their history stretches back to The process starts with having each of the vehicles in their fleet go through state inspections performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation in order to make sure that all vehicles are in top shape even before a driver gets behind the wheel.


However, Curtin Livery has managed to grow strong over the years despite the competition mainly because liverh its vast experience. Curtin Medical Livery Service and Kem Brunoowner, have been helping individuals with medical needs lovery the care and attention they have needed for more than twenty-five years.

Our community is ready to answer. This includes daily school bus transportation, field trips and extracurricular transportation, charter trips for longer distances, and of course, special needs student transportation. Over the years, they have developed a robust fleet of a variety of vehicles. But for those who require special accommodations or equipment, getting where they need to go can be nearly impossible.

Curtin Livery | Transportation Group

This is improved further because they make sure that the services are specialized as well as courteous. You will always have 1 or 2 that want to start drama and bash the place, but I think if you were ilvery ask all the employees, collectively they would come back happy being employed. Not to mention the fact that rely on friends and family for support strips them of their independence and places strain on their close relationships.

They provide daily school bus transportation in addition to transport to and from field trips and other extracurricular activities, charter buses for longer trips such as sporting games and camps, and even special needs transportation for students with medical disabilities.

According to Kem Bruno, disabled transportation services are crucial in providing a better quality of life to countless individuals.

Curtin Transportation Group

Claim this company page Review this company. They provide daily school bus transportation, transport to and from field trips and extracurricular activities, charter buses and vans for longer journeys such as licery and sporting events, and special needs transportation services for students with medical disabilities. If you or anyone else you know is in need ,ivery the highest quality medical transportation services, call Curtin Livery today or visit their website for more information.


This medical equipment can be expensive and difficult to repair, for example wheelchair lifts.

This includes daily school bus transportation for students, as well as field trip and extracurricular activities transport, charter trips for longer distances, special needs transportation for students with mental and physical disabilities.

It takes a lot of trust for parents to send their child off to school on the bus every day. It is beneficial for the customers as well. If you or anyone you know is in need of a reputable transportation company, call Curtin Livery or visit their website for more information.

Working at Curtin Livery: Employee Reviews |

Kem Bruno and Curtin Livery understand the pressure that individuals with medical conditions face every day. In short, they are dedicated to the local community which in turn loves them. The continuation cutin the services provided by lovery company simply goes on to show how good Kem Bruno is at the job. Management understands family is first and are very flexible when emergencies arise. Each of the Curtin Livery drivers are specially licensed and endorsed, as well as trained in the highest standards of customer service and care.

About Kem Bruno and Curtin Liverythere is quite a lot to know. For more information, visit the Curtin Livery website today. There are countless adults and children around the country for whom trying to get from A livegy B is a constant struggle and requires assistance from friends and family, not to mention medical equipment.

They even provide in field repair services to clients with their own wheelchair life equipped vehicles. This includes inadequate public transportation, as well as the cost and frustrations of maintaining private vehicles.