Some hard drive manufacturers, such as Western Digital, started including these override utilities with new large hard drives to help overcome these problems. Traditionally, a device on the ATA interface has been a hard disk drive, but any form of storage device may be placed on the ATA interface provided it adheres to this standard. I also bought an IDE cable on eBay. If you’re asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem. These devices have removable media like floppy disk drives , but capacities more commensurate with hard drives , and programming requirements unlike either.

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For many years, ATA provided the most common and the least expensive interface for this application. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

A device can have two passwords: Note the connections to the common ground bus from sockets 2 top left19 center bottom row22, 24, 26, 30, and 40 on all connectors. When PC motherboard makers started to include onboard ATA interfaces in place of the earlier ISA plug-in cards, there was usually only one ATA connector on the taapi, which could support up to two hard drives.

I have a EIDE/ATAPI DVD drive. How do I install it? – Microsoft Community

While the ATA lock is intended to be impossible to defeat without a valid password, there are purported workarounds to unlock a device. ATA devices may support ejde optional security feature ede is defined in an ATA specification, and thus not specific to any brand or device.

Back to PC Hardware forum 2 total posts. Furthermore, sustained transfer rate tests do not give realistic throughput expectations for most workloads: There is a Master Password identifier feature which, if supported and used, can identify without wtapi the current Master Password.


When the CD-ROM was developed, many computers would have been unable to accept these drives if they had aapi ATA devices, due to already having two hard drives installed. Since the old 40 conductor cables do not ground pin 34, the presence of a ground connection indicates that an 80 conductor cable is installed. These included most of the features of the forthcoming ATA-2 specification and several additional enhancements. A drive set to “cable select” automatically configures itself as master or slave, according to its position on the cable.

The host need only to ask for a particular sector, or block, to be read or written, and either accept the data from the drive or send the data to it. Archived from the original PDF on Is that the same?

Does IDE support EIDE/ATAPI ? – Forums – CNET

Each cable has two or three connectors, one of which plugs into an adapter interfacing with the rest of the computer system. For example, any removable media device needs a “media eject” command, and a way for the host to determine whether the media is present, and these were not provided in the ATA protocol. By contrast, overlapped and queued operations have been common in other storage buses; in particular, SCSI’s version of tagged command queuing had no need to be software compatible with ISA’s APIs, allowing it to attain wtapi performance with low overhead on buses which supported first party DMA like PCI.

Such jobs eice necessarily limited by the speed of the optical drive no matter where it is. The first drive interface used bit addressing mode which resulted in a maximum drive capacity of two gigabytes. The bottom row of contacts are the odd-numbered sockets of the connector mating with the odd-numbered pins of the receptacle and attach to the remaining even-numbered conductors of the cable.


Retrieved from ” https: With the wire cable, it was very common to implement cable select by simply cutting the pin 28 wire between the two device connectors; putting the slave device at the end of the cable, and the master on the middle connector. The ATA connector specification does not include pins for supplying power to a CF device, so power is inserted into the connector from a separate source.

Parallel ATA cables transfer data 16 bits at a time. Dear all, My PC has the following configuration: Advertisements or commercial links.

It is ataip normally on the dide and black connectors. A device connected externally needs additional cable length to form a U-shaped bend so that the external device may be placed alongside, or on top of the computer case, and the standard cable length is too short to permit this.

On the black connector, sockets 28 and 34 are completely normal, so that pins 28 and 34 of the drive attached to the black connector will be connected to the cable.

Does IDE support EIDE/ATAPI ?

The gray connector on conductor cables has pin 28 CSEL not connected, making it the slave position for drives configured cable select. All three connectors are different from one another.

A User Password and a Master Password; either or both may be set. The extra pins carry power.