The Frenchman scanned me mistrustfully. The man likes me, and certainly will not refuse. He openly displayed his contempt for me, even tried not to conceal it; and I — I had my own reasons for disliking him. I have seen many mammas push forward their daughters, innocent and elegant Misses of fifteen and sixteen, and, giving them some gold coins, teach them how to play. Yes, all Russians are like that; and do you know why?

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General, the medical authorities support them — and actually maintain that there are illnesses, temporary abrara- tions in which a man scarcely remembers anything, or has only a half or a quarter of his memory.

Upon my honour, I am not thinking of myself, but of fa-vd204 and the General.

He looked pleased, though. I told you it was difficult for me to explain.

It even seemed to me that our Frenchman had met Mr. Whom I tell you. The footman calls him “Monsieur le Comte.

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I am sitting in my little cupboard of a room, recalling it. I was overcome by a strange, unusual feeling which was so unbearable that I made up my mind to go away. Yes, yes, all that is true. Here among us it is said that she is a distinguished Frenchwoman, with a colossal fortune and a mother accompan3dng her.


The General, of course, would not have thought of introducing us or even saying a word to him on my behalf; and M. But I must vionfess I made my appearance at dinner unbidden; I fancy the General forgot to give orders, or else he would certainly have sent me to dine at the table d’hote. As soon as he knows that I have come into something by the ga-v204, he will pay his addresses to me at once. You may reckon, now, upon things not turning out quite as you expect. As I have told you, it is very amusing and even witty — which is perhaps what you are aiming at.

One can behave with dignity in any position. Go up to the Baroness at once, take off your hat, and say something to her in French. Blanche, again wearing her riding-habit, her mother, the little Prince, and a learned German traveller whom I had not seen before. ga-vc204

Lawyers have taken to arguing in criminal cases that their dients were not responsible at the moment of their crime, and that it was a form of disease. And once more now I asked myself the question: It seems to please you that it will cause a scandal! She drives other men off their heads, too. Blanche perhaps more thsm I do, yet he still goes about with her and Miss Polina.


Our apvartments were on the third iloor. They say that, owing to that circumstance, they must be particular, but you must admit that this is some- what too particular!

The say he ga-cd204 a chateau.

Or, perhaps, you don’t recognise me? The Baron slightly knitted his brows.

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In that way, in fifty or seventy years, the grandson of tiie first vater really has a considerable capital, and he leaves it to his son, and he to his, and he to his, till in five or six generations one of them is a Baron Rothschild or goodness knows who.

When she came in he glowed like a sunset. You maintain now that that is only in appearance; but you must admit, if you were told: I, too, let Misha run off to the fountain, and we were at last left alone.

I fancy he is looking for an opportunity to have a conversation with me apart. What are they waiting for?