Terimakasih, semoga bisnis nya lancar berjaya. Control Peripherals Positioning Device: E-TEN has always added a nice helping of their own lightweight yet useful software and the X has the best helping so far. Indoor photos are better than average in terms of noise and color bias and are generally brighter than expected. We recommend Recuva which you can download here. If GPS is important to you, it’s hard to beat the X The SD card specification 1.

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Below is a list of glofiisj transfer speeds. I’ve been using this phone for more than 1. Cellular Phone Cellular Networks: Apple iPhone XS Max review.

A task manager lives at the bottom of the Today screen and makes for an easy way to quit running programs since Windows Mobile doesn’t quit applications by default when you tap the close box.

It’s spot on now, and the GPS gets a cold fix glofiiish under a minute, even indoors within 10 feet of a window on the ground floor of a two story building.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. Dear All, I am using this phone for one month, last week i entered my password in wrong.

E-TEN Glofiish X – Windows Mobile Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Not supported Analog Radio: Do not buy this phone, it’s slow, cheaply made. The film was quite watchable on the X, with some frame drops but overall fairly smooth playback with audio and video in sync.


It’s designed for a business user. WIFI works great for me since I am in a campus with wireless network so I get to receive my emails instantly.

The X has a unique look, different from other brands and other Glofiish phones and build quality is good. Dimensions width x height x depth: The camera is relatively quick to focus by autofocus camera phone standards, but file save times to a card are slow, which is the only flaw we found with still photography. This phone multi-task well and fast!

Software untuk tlofiish yahoo: Superb GPS gets a fix relatively quickly and holds onto it, even under heavily overcast skies. If GPS is important to you, it’s hard to beat the X E-TEN also includes a backup utility that backs up the Pocket PC to a micro SD card and an application restore feature just in case you delete one of the pre-installed programs and decide you want it back.

Beli smartphone xiomi 1jt. You can set discoverability, default headset and specify the FTP folder on the device. The bad news is that they’re quite small hlofiish are tucked into the bottom edge of the silver chin to fit form not function. Looks are subjective, but we like the silver and black with brushed metal surrounding the display.

Too much useless softwares!!! This means that when read and write operations are performed on the memory card at the same time, the manufacturer gives the guarantee that this minimum speed is maintained.


It gloviish also possible that the lock button on the card is activated and you do not have access to your files. We got a cold fix outdoors in under a minute and a warm fix in 20 seconds, even under very cloudy skies. Gone is the bug we noted on some prior Glofiish models where the compass latitude and longitude were off by about 9 miles the GPS actually reports correct location to all apps, this was just a bug in GPS Viewer. Kondisi second, normal, casing mulus bagus.

Eten glofiish X500

The Home button brings up a finger-friendly palette of commonly used apps and glotiish and the voice command button brings up the very good Cyberon voice command program. I change for Back to the future NokiaNokia and Nokia i Tempo hari masih luar kota. Secondly upgrading to WM6 was a nightmare, the key lock is broken, it won’t switch off, the battery sddhc and the onboard software is useless.

The Samsung SC3 processor running at MHz is a very good performer, making for speedy page rendering in IE and extremely strong multimedia performance. Barang paket pesanan saya sudah sampai di samarinda dalam 3 hari aja lewat JNE.