Range Selection Keys – permit selection of ranges as follows: Output of the ten-to-one divider is I V dc. As with the CC Auto-Cal sequence, the offset errors are measured and subtracted from the unknown and reference resistance measurements. Ambiguous Regions Assemble and Test Point Loading 8-H The fast ac function has a faster ac reading rate than the nor- mal ac function.

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HP 2211x 21.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor Product Specifications

The reference module can be removed, calibrated and returned to the instrument, or the module can be replaced with another recently calibrated reference. The A reading should be between 9.

Table gives the typical measurement times, using the HP-IB.

The Auto Range operation can be observed by applying 1. Downrange the dc standard to 1 V output and turn off the dc standard’s output.

Adjust the Test Oscillator level controls for a A reading as close as possible to the reading record- ed in Step i. Figure shows a simplified schematic of the converter. This connection may be used if common-mode voltages are not expected to be a problem.

Derive 6-month test limits from AC Accuracy specifications listed in Table 1 – 1. These cards can be removed from the manual and used as a perma- nent record of the incoming inspection or of a routine performance test. The detailed description describes the methods and pertinent circuitry used to accomplish the function of each block of the detailed block diagram.


More detailed information on purpose and methods of guarding may be found in -hp- Application Note No. Rear-Terminal Reading Step a: The trigger input is to be driven with TTL level signals. AC Convertor Ranging The A display reading should be between 5.

If the standard is less than three or four times more accurate than the DVM. Multiplication is perform- y y performed by dividing the measurement value by the in- verse of the multiplier value; that is, multiplication is performed by dividing by a fraction. Exchange Assemblies 6- Relay KS connects the input to the operational attenuator on the and V dc ranges. The circuitry up in the rms converter solves for the expression which is identical to 8-SO.

Derive 6-month test limits from Accuracy Specifications listed in Table If a new trigger is received before the cal constant measurement is finished, the measure- ment is again aborted and a new input reading is taken.

HP x inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

If the DVM reading is in or out of tolerance by a per- centage that is less than the maximum allowable error of the standard, it is in one of the ambiguous regions shaded areas shown in Figure TableTypical Operating Characteristics.


Buyer shall prepay shipping charges to -hp- and -hp- shall pay shipping charges to return the product to Buyer. General Noise 8-B IBV 28 FO. Included with this manual is an Operating information supplement.

HP Pavilion 2211x Monitor – Product Specifications

During remote operation, the front panel controls cannot be operated manually. Disconnect the 1 kilohm Standard Resistor and connect the K standard resistor using the same 4- wire ohm measurement configuration. Intemipt end Device Status Massages.

If there is no AlORl 10, record 0. Each time this button is pressed, the display rate is divided by two.

International Rectifier irfpbf datasheet pdf

The accuracy of the standard must be such that its errors do not introduce significant uncertainties in the 34S5A test readings.

Keep in mind the following checks lest only the operating capability of the 34SSA. LOCAL switch — permits mksfet operator to return the instrument to local front panel control.