No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information. Open ‘Fetch the system from the network. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of these parts for each application. To make these samples more easily understood, they have been simplified. From the Category list, select Objects. This opens the License Agreement window. To enable this xdriver Profile to handle uplink session requests, check the Enable Uplink Calls box and then configure the rest of the fields on the tab.

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OpenLDV Programmer’s Guide, xdriver Supplement – PDF

LON network interface is interrupted. These fields are not required under most circumstances, and are only applicable to downlink sessions.

You can eliminate these symbol conflicts by removing the include “LdvxResult. This field should be filled in immediately after the current authentication key is filled in. If your product installation embeds the OpenLDV 4. Lookup[Type], where [Type] represents the type of external database management system you are using. After you initially compile the project, change the compatibility type to binary. You can also click Restore Default Values at any time to restore the default factory settings to the Default xdriver Profile.


When no change to the current authentication key is desired, this key should be set the same as the current authentication key. It will overwrite the newer OpenLDV components, causing them to revert back to older versions.

It can be used to identify the SCO. If authentication succeeds, the following steps occur.

OpenLDV Network Driver ReadMe |

Open ‘Fetch the system from the network. This opens the dialog shown in Figure 3. From the File menu, select Save Class As to save the class for your project. Alternatively, you can fill in an authentication key of all 00s to use the pre-defined, default ilom authentication key for the RNI as the current authentication key. It also includes the xdriver automatic reconnection feature. Support is provided for uplink connections, wherein a remote network initiates a call, either dial-up or broadband, into a service center.

When you create an RNI definition on a device, you must choose the xdriver Ilob that the device will use. This request for connection is usually caused when the RNI receives a message with a qualifying message type code. This method should implement code to update the external database, so that it is updated with the new values of the current authentication key and the next authentication key from the Xdruver.


Control Network Protocol is called the LonTalk protocol. Contact Echelon Sales at www.

Welcome, Audience – Echelon OpenLDV User Manual

To make these samples more easily understood, they have been simplified. The OpenLDV installer installs all required drivers needed to access the i.

Chapter 2 – Part 1. Click the Component tab. This requires that your extension be multithread safe, and allows your component to directly access other xdriver extension components. On Windowsfollow these xdrivdr In addition, the short name should not match the project name entered in step 2 of this procedure. Install the OpenLDV 4.

Xdrkver no change the authentication key being used by klon RNI is desired, the next authentication key should be the same as the current authentication key. To do so, select the interface name from the General pull-down list above the code box.

It is critical that your custom Lookup Extension Component fills the authentication key fields into the SCO, and handles changes to the authentication key fields, properly. Introduction to Kernel for Tape