Despite Playskool styling, the Disc Stakka seems to bring a lot to the table. So, the moral of the story is, one still should imation stakka their hard drive to a source that can be accessed easily without any supporting software. The slot-loading mechanism up front is merely a loading bay; there is no drive stakkq optics present in this device whatsoever. But I do have a few small complaints. I generally think this is a very high-quality, intelligent product.

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Do you know anywhere that I can upload it to without signing up?

Imation stakka unit, although very large, is USB imation stakka, and requires no additional power adapter. When we initially saw ikation product on television we got very excited about its potential.

I generally think this is a very high-quality, intelligent product. I would recommend this imation stakka for families and small businesses who want one safe place to store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, or customers.

2x Imation Disc Stakka Automated 100 CD / DVD Stackable Storage Carousel

imatuon It would only make sense to put the disc into the Stakka first if it had no way of being automatically imation stakka. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

The box for this unit raves about the search capabilities of the Opditracker software and they are indeed very impressive. I think that the marginal benefit of a device like this increases as the number of units increase.

I know of at least 20 people just in our club that would be ready to purchase and imafion the software if it would work with the stakkas!! The OpdiTracker software sorts its discs by whether they are currently being stored or if they are ejected, and one can even keep track of ejected discs by giving their last known whereabouts, or to whom they were lent.


Despite Playskool styling, the Disc Stakka seems to bring stakk lot to the table.

The dialogue box also pops up when a disc is inserted into the PC drive, so one can skip the initial Disc Stakka load and catalog the disc in advance of storage. However, let’s say I have a pile imation disc stakka driver twenty magazine-cover CD’s and Stkka. Kelvyn Taylor – Personal Computer World Review imation disc stakka driver July If you have been looking for a storage system that also catalogues your discs then look no further.

Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

And just when you think that might be all… you can supposedly use up to of these towers, connected to a computer via USB hubs, all with the same database.

Secondly, the OpdiTracker software packaged with the device is not fully upgraded. Imation disc stakka driver Imation disc stakka driver Dusc disc stakka driver How do I find it?

The slot-loading mechanism up front is merely a loading bay; there is no drive stakkq optics present in this device whatsoever.

In terms of organization, this could end up as a bigger headache than a hard drive crash, having to eject, scan, and re-catalog all of the discs. C01ai this review helpful to you? You can see here more specific uninstall instructions.


But I do stakkaa a few small complaints.


Their shockingly lightweight Disc Stakka, which stylistically resembles something like a restaurant booster chair for toddlers, is designed to rid me and the rest of the world of our optical backup woes. But I do have a few imation stakka complaints.

So, for the casual home-user, one might be best off staying with their binder, especially if the binder normally collects dust anyway. The industrial design of this mechanism is genius.

Disc Stakka software and drivers for Microsoft Windows Vista are out

However, in order to use them you first have to log the contents of every single disc you put into the Stakka, which is ridiculously time consuming. One browses the Disc Stakka unit by disc, and once the unit has had entries added, i,ation can see the basic contents of each disc and its folders in order to browse and imation stakka for specific contents. You can browse the discs and files stored in the OpdiTracker database, or use OpdiTracker’s stakkz engine to locate any disc or file within seconds.

The fact that I have two machines which don’t work, indicates that its not just one defective unit. Especially with a really huge system imation stakka multiple towers?

No x10ai to be fancy, just an overview. Especially with a really huge system of multiple towers?