However, the Ion Audio’s lower level means reaching for the volume knob when shuffling your LP music in with your digital music. However, watching the meters, the channel balance was visibly better than the Audio-Technica, which arrived in perfect condition. Quality product, easy to use, easy to follow instructions, i have now converted many of my old Vinyl albums to CD. Great little piece of kit for transferring vinyl to computer. On the Ion TTUSB05, the cartridge had fallen off the tonearm and the stylus had slipped off the cartridge see second photo. The whole experience makes it tempting to jump to the conclusion that quality control is an issue with some manufacturers of these cheap USB record players. Thursday, January 19, ,

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How the Belt Connected to the Pulley Before the mat is installed, you can see the belt through the platter. It’s a plastic USB turntable, through and through but at least it doesn’t have a ceramic cartridge. The turntable comes almost completely assembled. Vinyl enthusiasts like to see that tracking force number under two grams.

ION TTUSB05 Turntable

Desktop View Selected Full Knowzy experience with script enhancements. Pink Floyd – On the Run Source: We strive to find you the lowest price from reputable retailers but you may find a better deal elsewhere. Excellent, ttysb05 – to – use Vinyl converter to iTunes If you are looking to convert your vinyl albums to iPod listening, I would highly recommend this turntable.


A heavier platter leads to steadier playback. Follow the three steps and record your albums.

For the warm, classic sound

Creating new tracks is very imprecise. Your vinyl files will sound much softer in comparison. Mobile View Small pictures, no script, no sidebars.

Before the mat is installed, you can see the belt through the platter. But this part is not supposed to be removable! Steely Dan – Peg Source: About this product Product Identifiers Brand.

Take it out of the box and it is nearly ready-to-go assuming it arrived in one piece, Knowzy’s was in three. Innovative feature automatically figures out the album name and song titles. On the Ion TTUSB05, the cartridge had fallen off the tonearm and the stylus had slipped off the cartridge see second photo.

Closer to one gram is even hsb. I have seen record decks that convert Vinyls for a lot more money than i paid for this product, I am very pleased with it and would have no hesitation in using this ebayer again. I have a pre usb turntable setup for record turntable but its a bit of a jumble sorting out all the cables so this is a god send as its plug an play brilliant.

Ion record player Great little piece of rtusb05 for transferring vinyl to computer Verified purchase: The motor pulley is not user accessible. Adjusting volume, removing clicks and hiss, exporting to formats other than MP3, trimming silence at beginning and end of the record and turntabe mistakes are only correctable by starting over.


More items related to this product. The Audio-Technica’s loudness may allow you to skip this step.

It has built in preamp save money buy a separate one awesome turntable. Despite its ranking and price, it does feature a moving magnet cartridge, as opposed to a ceramic cartridge featured on the Crosley. You can fix this somewhat by using software to “normalize” the volume after turntaable done recording. Show More Show Less. This wasn’t difficult to fix.

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This is perhaps one reason why Audio-Technica publishes their specifications particularly Wow and Flutter where Ion Audio publishes absolutely no specs. The needle exerts little pressure on your vinyl compared to the Tttusb05 and Audio-Technica turntables. You do not have to stop recording between tracks, as the software recognises the silence and when finished, will allow you to name the tracks individually, as well as the artist and the album name.