I have big fingers YEAH Wireless board with solar panels. I loved it while it worked. It’s so convenient and easy to use! Learn more about the Logitech Unifying receiver. Just seemed cheaply built.

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Answer now What is the button top back on the Logitech solar keyboard? What is the stroke depth on this keyboard, and is it deeper than a typical Apple Mac Pro keyboard? Are the home and end keys supported?

I have big fingers YEAH They are useful because you don’t have to deal with cables nor batteries, but mainly because solar energy is so green!! Being able to switch between three bluetooth devices sounds incredibly useful for buletooth K This keyboard looks useful because I’m so tired of replacing batteries in my wireless keyboard.

I love this keyboard, look how petite and yet easy to use it is!

Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

You dont have to use batteries to use them and seem to keep their charges for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastically designed, feels great, looks awesome They don’t need batteries and can run for months on green, clean solar energy! Answer now Can I use the Logitech K wireless keyboard for the new ipad? Overall, I really like these solar keyboards. They’re useful because they’re so think and sleek and require no batteries or cables to trip over.


This keyboard are useful bkuetooth it not only cuts the cords but actually is a green keyboard k70 the solar panel. Would like to have one. Seriously folks, if you don’t win this – and most of you won’t – go buy one. There is a long thin button almost directly behind the Bluetootu icon.

Just seemed cheaply built. This is good for you as you no longer have to spend money on batteries, but it also is good for the planet. No more batteries – the ecological way! It’s another way of going green.

Because batteries are expensive. From the PVC-free construction to the fully recyclable box, this keyboard is designed to minimize its footprint. The convenience of being solar is huge. The Logitech Solar App can help. Actually it charges also inside rooms even while you work on it.

Click on the picture of bluetoith keyboard to see a close-up, then hold down the mouse button and drag to see different parts of the keyboard. Asked by Jacob B from Kansas City Oct 26, Flag as inappropriate Does this require that some type of USB devise be used, or does it bluetoth solely off bluetooth like the apple wireless keyboard? Answer now Back lite keyboard? So, I only have to put it out once every three month? These are useful because they are clean green nerd-tech machines.


I replaced it twice with no change.

Logitech Solar Keyboards K and K Review and Giveaway

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I don’t require batteries and it’s programmable.