Select Login as Administrator. Using a packet capture tool, I was able to see why it was not working and able to resolve. Enter the user name and password in the appropriate fields and then OK and OK once more. I suggest you specify the new user you created instead of using “all” or “everyone”. About Us Innovation History. Try to scan and with any luck, you should have a PDF in the new folder you created.

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Then in the Name field enter in a name for the Icon on the copier. You can of course select a number which is relative to where you want the icon to appear on the copier, with 1 being the first or highest number.

Set the original and press Start on the control panel.

Sending to Your Computer (Scan to Home)

Checking the SMB server setting The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server scannef folder to the machine. You will then be in the Address Book. Match the date and time of the machine with those of a computer including a time zone. This I discovered by using WireShark and capturing the packets.


Write down the following items. Set the image quality, resolution and other items.

Copier Comments are closed. Click the [Security] tab and click [Edit]. As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products.

If the 1st, double check your user name and password, if the 2nd, ensure you have entered the correct DNS information.

To make it even easier for the user, explore to the shared folder, right click on ot and select “send to desktop” this will create a shortcut to the folder on the desktop. How to create and set a shared folder differs depending on the settings and environment of the computer used. On the touch panel of the main body, press [SCAN].

Concerning target drivers, etc. Create a shared folder on the Windows computer. Problem with bizhub c scanner.

Right click “My Computer” and select manage. Set the user name specified in step 8 of “Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop. I just got confused. Recently I had a customer who needed us to setup the ability to scan to a SMB share.


How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

A large volume of scan data more than 10 MB is sent more securely than by E-mail. Go to main contents.

Next explore to wcanner “C” drive and create a new folder there called “KMScans” example only. September 17th, Category: You can now scan on the copier to your share. You can check the IP address local address in the following procedure. The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine. In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Important things to note.

Please note to enter this is all CAPS.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Sending the scan data to the SMB server.