The demo offered three sort of mini-game scenarios for the player. The projectiles can bounce off a limited number of objects when fired, and can usually either freeze or destroy most targets with a few hits. Still, there is one way that a brutally efficient killer in the galaxy can not only survive, but thrive: This power-up is especially deadly with Sylux as he has the fastest moving Alt-Form of all the Hunters and Spire as his wall-climbing ability makes for good surprise attacks. Brawl Super Smash Bros. This ability works well in conjunction with the long-ranged nature of the weapon, allowing Trace to snipe enemies across the stage while maintaining a decent concealment from opponents at close range. The Magmaul occasionally backfires, especially when being used while running.

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It rests high atop a ledge above, so you’ll need to climb around the region to reach it. The Volt Driver is capable of transforming energy from a planet’s magnetic field into waves of high-voltage electricity.

Samus’ weapons

After taking out all three, head into the next room and kill the Psycho Bits, followed by activating a portal to the Celestial gateway a lot has been accomplished, so best to save now. Blast through the nearby blue force field, running into the portal on the far side of the room, appearing in Incubation Vault 03, where a nearby Missile Vollt should be nabbed.

Kanden has a slightly bigger character model than most characters, making him an easier target. You can help Metroid Wiki by expanding it. His small head compensates for this fact, however, by allowing him to avoid high-damaging headshots. The symbols make out a path, and if the player skips any symbol, points are deducted.

What is the best strategy for the Volt Driver? – Metroid Prime: Hunters Answers for DS – GameFAQs

If the turret is destroyed, Weavel reverts to biped form; but if vllt top half is destroyed, the player is killed. Kanden’s version allows the attack to very slightly home in on an opponent and briefly distorts the players screen upon impact, however; his shots are even slower. When he gets ketroid message of an ultimate weapon in the Alimbic System, Kanden knows that this is his chance to prove himself the finest bounty hunter of them all.


Don’t have an account? Float Left Float Right. With the weapon selected, double-tap the red icon or press R to zoom in, giving you a perfect sniper advantage. This ability makes opponents fearful to approach Weavel as they will be just as afraid of the blast radius as they will of prlme actual shot.

The volt works better on some stages than others, tending to be more effective at low to medium range, so know what stages you want to pick as Metroidd. If the player picks up missile ammo, their current missile count increases by 5 to a maximum of This goes on until the player reaches the end.

Metroid Prime Hunters/Weapons — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Each player chooses from a list of the seven hunters that appear in the game and battle each other in various maps with various objectives. Once inside, you’ll discover the central region of the area’s sealed by four green blast-shielded doors. The tentacles must be removed at the start, so use the Battlehammer or Missiles, releasing the eye to float around, which should be blasted with the Battlehammer, damaging it before it closes up.

Once you’ve picked up the Battlehammer, return to the Archives and head for the Data Voolt 02 area. This may be considered a glitch due to the extension not being visible and the infinite distance, while some consider it a tactic, so you stand a chance of your opponent disconnecting if you do this.


Unload your Judicator into its weird face when it opens, just take cover and watch for flying blobs of lava. Have a charged shot whenever you aren’t fighting, and pick up huntere of ammo. Theses hit points stay on the character until they are damaged enough to remove them. The explosive tipped missiles are a more powerful alternative to the Power Beam.

Starts off metrkid about 5 damage per second and does up to 30 damage per second. Universal ammo UA is used to power the special beams.

In order to obtain this Power, Samus must collect all eight Octoliths scattered throughout the Alimbic Cluster. Once you’ve secured the missile, work your way over to the left side of the tunnel where you’ll discover a tall shaft filled with pulsating green laser fields.

Zoom function refines aim and doubles damage so a zoomed headshot does damage; equal to max HP. This ability can be very useful when coupled with another strong weapon, such as Missiles; freeze the opponent and unload several high-damaging missiles that are usually hard to hit with.

Kanden’s charge shot homes, and can potentially be really annoying in priime, open stages and laggy Wi-Fi matches on any stage don’t count on this happening, but it’s worth knowing hunetrs you can take advantage of it when it does.

If Samus loses a fight with a hunter, she loses her Octoliths to that hunter. Spire’s Magmaul causes the opponent to catch on fire when charged, dealing damage over time.