As a onetouch or speed dial location is programmed, an extra step showing Attribute 1, Attribute 2, Attribute 3, and Attribute 4 are added on the LCD. Enter previous value of the fuser replaced count. Yes Fallback pattern bps Set at 0: Line noise or other problems prevented ECM transmission. Clean the paper feed rollers of any paper dust buildup. Yes Smoothing in H-Fine resolution in received document 0: If the original document has become wrinkled or torn, do not re-send it.

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Printer cover is close 1: Gently close the printer cover, pressing firmly mjratec the both sides of the printer cover until you hear it click.

Number of errors If happens more printer troubles, press to show the other printer error. The scanner continues to remain active for a few more seconds in case there is another document to follow.

Muratec F Specifications |

Try increasing the output levels on Machine Parameter A: Factory f630 only Factory use only Unique Switch 21 – Reception Switch Initial Setting Adjust T1 timer adjustment 7 0 6 1 5 1 4 0 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 When the unit switches to fax by on-hook transfer, the unit will seize the telephone line and attempt to handshake. Sum check error E.


To stop outputting the tonal signal, press STOP. In Secure Box You tried to store a document for polling in an F-Code box which is set to be a security box. Check the operation of the separator roller, and the pick-up roller.

The modem, located on the main control PCB, demodulates the data. Select the desired tonal signal using cursor key.

Muratec Fax Machine F User Guide |

Install each cartridge correctly. Replace the Drum Cartridge. Murayec Factory use only Factory use only Display modem speed 0: Repeat the operation, entering the correct protection passcode. The transmission time on TCR 0: If the original document has become wrinkled or torn, do not re-send it.

Check for wire or other foreign object obstructing the light path to the CCD.

To modify the existing passcode: To enter the murate, use the numeric key pad. If the power is turned off, the battery will provide up to five years of back up when fully charged. DCN was received from the transmitter.


Murata Muratec F 360 Supplies

The transmission was interrupted by the call mode. Hang Up Phone The optional handset is off-hook. Detect 2 times Dual ring detection 0: Yes Frequency of the CI signal detection 0: Wait for the fax to complete the polling operation, then try again.

Backup time Total memory capacity: In this case, increase the CI counter to be more than the number of rings the PC receives. Do not dial 1: No Document Stored You tried to print a document from memory, but your fax machine had none stored. Factory use only Primary copying upon printing the received data 0: Turn off the power switch, then disconnect the cables. Set the individual bit positions as shown in the following table.