Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: What information do police need from you? Im interested to find out. But then goes zooming passed me, say im doing 53 in a 50 zone and he goes flying passed me at say at least 90ks. Warrnambool has a thriving street art scene with world class murals and installations. If someone was to dob you in to the hoon hotline the police obviously come around and give you a roughen up Its easy to join and only takes about 30 seconds!

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Crime Stoppers and Western District Road Safety Council are supporting an initiative aimed to make you feel safer on the roads. Antisocial behaviour and speeding by some drivers on our roads who cause damage, disturb the peace and threaten the safety of our neighbourhoods, should not be tolerated.

Council runs and manages a number of Enterprises for the benefit of our residents and visitors. Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline Reports of hoon driving help Victoria Police target repeat offenders and focus on specific locations.


I remember, quite distinctly, what the size 12s of the local senior sergeant’s felt like. Some people out there are way too nosy for their own good.

Forum General Legislation, and modified car laws Dob in a hoon.

Report a Hoon Form | Western Australia Police Force

May be you can shed some light on this Doc. When off duty and not in a ij car all the road rules apply. This is a hypothetical – another thread got me thinking. If someone did a burnout out the front of my house they would lose their car. Factory 4 bolt block, where’s it Explore everything that Warrnambool has to offer below.

Kn often this works and the matter is not taken any further. A vehicle may be impounded or immobilised, regardless of who owns it and whether the driver is the registered operator. Warrnambool has a thriving street art scene with world class murals and installations. Last edited by toryman; at Sounds fair dosnt it? Usually and quite often we get a phone call about hoon drivers but the person complaining doesn’t want to go to court.

Alternatively, the vehicle may be crushed or otherwise disposed of by police. Post your own photos to our gallery, or view thousands of assorted user-submitted images of their cars, bikes and boats.


Please type the code in the box below: Please shed some light to the incident and think it is unfair. He is now facing a number of charges at court.

Results 1 to 15 of Contact the Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline on or report it online at www. Dob in a hoon. Usually they refuse to make a statement that would enable up to take it further but it has happened.

Dob in a Hoon

Have your say Open for comment Make a general comment Give comment on our events and programs Public notices Tourism Opportunities Building and development Building and demolition work Do I need a permit? Looks good buddy very familiar haha, looks like you spent a bit more time smoothing out everything then I did. Its easy to join and only takes about 30 seconds! Communicate privately with other enthusiasts. Im interested to find out. HQ external visor Posted By peter griffin 1 replies But I would have to be able to prove identity of the driver, and obviously photos of the burnout marks etc.