With all due respect Dave-I do know what I am doing. If you are using the out of the box plug and play class compliant for any of M-Audio’s stuff, then you can only connect one thing to it at a time. Anyway, long story short. Once in XP, now with Windows 7 64bit, works fine. Hawky The problem is, at least for the original Midisport 2×2, the installation process is convoluted. Since one of the last updates Windows7 SP1 installation is simply impossible that the police doing?

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The chipset drivers are the drivers for the miidisport, southbridge and often some peripherals on your motherboard. Also, I did download the driver from the M-Audio site. Aug 5, Messages: Midusport matter what I try it does not show up anywhere. It was all very bizarre and I was proud of myself, after 2 hours, that I got the installation correct. Also, installing the drivers can be confusing, because there are two sets of drivers that need to load when you plug the Midisport 2×2 into the computer.


Price and brand For what purpose? You get one chance to do it right. I wonder what is so “special” about installing this thing? It has a very robust, light lime green midi box which will look cool around anyone’s computer. Log in Become a member.

Download Midisport 2×2 Driver by M-Audio

Who cannot get the darn thing to work. Installing the drivers mudisport Windows XP was a very big pain. M-Audio – Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers You have to choose whether you have the or 64 bit-version of XP installed. I just checked it out and its definitely working.

This should NOT be that difficult considering today’s software capabilities. Windows 8 x64 Intel i7 3.

M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 2×2 Drivers Download

Midispport user doesn’t follow the instructions and gets confused because they get the same message 2 or 3 times in a row. Did you change operating systems?

Xl is a lot of people don’t have time to read the instructions and then wonder why it doesn’t work. We would like to remind our members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum. But – no go. Which instruments or the Systmes do you use? Don’t fix it in the mix For those looking for a small midi interface to miisport a sound card that has no Midi inputs and outputs, it’s a great plan.


MIDISPORT 2×2 – Need a Windows XP driver that works! | Fractal Audio Systems Forum

As such, rules and standards of midispprt will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. No, create an account now. AndyDavis Two things that may be helpful: It’s not Sonar it’s m Audio. Get a newer one ann.

Fractal Audio Systems Forum. Even with another clean XP install – no luck.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Scott Peterson Expand Collapse. For some reason, Midiman products and Windows XP don’t seem to agree. Hi, Can anyone tell me where to find the driver for the midisport 2×2 silver one. East of Santa Monica Status: